Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family, Friends, Surprise Hat & the Mystery Cake

I have been having fun with my blog and have been sharing it with family and friends.
My beautiful niece Ece is working on her PhD and her first baby who is coming soon...

Imagine, I'll be a great aunt in May! We all are so excited about the baby.
The blue blanket I made is ready to go to Turkey. Ece recently sent me a note about a surprise package that was on its way. It was a surprise indeed. A real chef's hat that reads "Yasemin's Kitchen".
This officially makes me a chef, I guess, and now I really need to know what I'm doing in the kitchen.

I go to an art class every week. I have the coolest teacher and BFF Lynne. I met some of the most wonderful friends through art over the last few years. Needless to say, it is a lot more than learning to paint, it is like therapy. We are women of all different backgrounds and ages, yet we have a lot in common. I truly enjoy being with my them. On Monday we met in a cozy coffee shop for my birthday. Good coffee, great pastries and priceless conversations. We had a great time. Just when we were about to leave, the waiter shows up with a beautiful birthday cake. We all looked at each other trying to figure out who asked for it.
"Someone reserved it for you this morning" said the waiter.

That was enough to get us all excited. We raced asking “who, who?”
“No name!”. Then we got more excited...
Our imaginations started to work. There were suggestions of a “secret admirer”. 

We all giggled and laughed and sampled the delicious cake with our fingers.
Ten minutes later Lynne got a call from Gali. We found out that she could not make it to the party, but wanted to make sure we had a cake.
So sweet, so special!

Life is good...with good friends...and good food...
Today's recipe?  Call a good friend, chat a little, chat a lot, in my opinion, best food for the soul.

Have a great day!

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